What is all the fuss about?  What can you do?



Our impact on surface water quality may seem unimportant.  How can saving my little bit of stormwater in my backyard  really matter?  What is a tiny bit of fertilizer going to hurt?

Just like many hands make light work, many small projects in many backyards can make a huge difference.

Look at the impact of impervious surfaces on our landscape:

runoff percents

The more impervious surface in an area, the more stormwater runs off rather than infiltrates to recharge groundwater.  Not only does stormwater run off cause flooding downstream, it leads to pollutants being picked up from the surface and being deposited in our rivers and streams.

We can make a difference by limiting the amount of impervious surfaces at our place of work, and in our backyards.  We can capture stormwater and store it for later use.  We can also eliminate potential pollutants so that the water that does make it to the storm drain, creek, or ditch is cleaner and healthier for human contact and for wildlife.

Check out these things you can do to make a positive difference:

In Your Backyard:

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As a Volunteer:

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